Your course content is created and you’re ready to start making $$$, but…

You have NO idea where to start to create a sales page.

Say hello to our game-changing Elementor Template Bundle designed just for course creators!

Unlock the potential of your online course sales with our collection of six stunning Elementor templates, each crafted for different stages of your student’s journey. Whether you’re launching a new course or looking to revamp your existing offers, our templates have got you covered.

This bundle includes:

✿ Course Sales Page Template: Showcase your course with style! This template is designed to captivate your audience and entice them to take the plunge.

✿ Long Form Opt-in Page Template: Build your email list like a pro. This template helps you gather leads and build relationships with potential students.

✿ Short Form Opt-in Page Template: Need a quick way to grow your audience? This template makes it easy for visitors to join your mailing list without any hassle.

✿ Thank You Page Template: Show appreciation and keep the excitement alive after someone signs up. Customize this template to create a memorable post-signup experience.

✿ Waitlist Sign-up Page Template: Generate buzz and anticipation for your upcoming courses. With this template, you’ll have students lining up to join your next class.

✿ Tripwire Page Template: Turn curious visitors into paying customers with this persuasive template. Present an irresistible offer that’s hard to resist.

✿ Canva Templates: Includes four Canva templates for your bio image and digital mockups.

Are you tired of spending hours tinkering with your sales page design and layout? Want to give your online presence a professional edge without breaking a sweat?

 Enter Elementor Templates – your secret weapon for transforming your course sales page into a visual masterpiece.

The benefits don’t stop at aesthetics. Our templates are meticulously crafted to enhance user experience and drive conversions. With responsive design, your website will shine on any device, captivating visitors and encouraging them to take action.

Why purchase an Elementor template?

Easy Customization: No coding skills? No problem! Our templates are designed with you in mind. Customize colors, images, text, and more with a few clicks.

Mobile-Responsive: Your website will look amazing on any device. Our templates adapt to screens of all sizes, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors.

Conversion-Driven: We’ve carefully crafted each template to optimize conversions. Say goodbye to boring pages and hello to engaging designs that get results.

User-Friendly: Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface makes using our templates a breeze. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to create a professional website.

Full Support: Got questions or need help? Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

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frequently asked questions

Elementor is like a super easy tool that helps you make awesome websites without needing to be a tech wizard. If you’re setting up a website for your course, Elementor lets you create pages that look amazing without getting stuck in complicated code.

Nope!  These templates are designed using only elements available in the free version of Elementor. 

Totally! You can change the colors, fonts, pictures, and how stuff is laid out. So, your website can totally match your course’s vibe and style.

Nope, you’re all good! These templates are made to be easy-peasy – you just drag, drop, click, and you’re set!

Absolutely! You can just plug in your own copy and photos and go. No changes are necessary if you don’t want to change out the fonts or colors. 

Our templates work with most WordPress themes. We designed them to be flexible, so you can choose a theme you love and still use our templates.

Totally mobile-friendly! Our templates are smart cookies – they adjust to whatever screen you’re using. Your website will shine on phones, tablets, and big computer screens.

The only restrictions are you can’t re-sell or redistribute the files once purchased, but you can use them on as many sites as you want (even client sites!) as long as you are the one installing and customizing the templates. 

For sure! Our templates play nice with other tools like email stuff and getting paid online. You can make your website do all the cool things you see on the templates.

Yup, you can get a sneak peek! You can view a live demo of each template here.

Due to the digital nature of Elementor templates, all purchases are non-refundable. 

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