An important question for all 1:1 service providers:

What if you had clients reaching out to you, already interested in your services?

Imagine what it would be like to have easily accessible information available to your potential clients so you spend less time trying to get new clients since they’re reaching out to YOU.

Serving your clients isn’t just your passion – it’s your business.

You have spent hours crafting client proposals, building your business from the ground up, and working your butt off to get new clients. You know that having a website would help you earn more $$ with new clients, but you just haven’t had the time (or money) to put one together. 

Setting up your website doesn’t have to be a big, scary chore you keep knocking to the bottom of your to-do list. With a one month time investment, you can create your own website that authentically attracts your dream clients and converts them from visitors into paying customers.

The problem with making your own website is..​

✿ You don’t even know where to start

✿ You’ve tried to DIY your website before but have never been able to actually finish it

✿ You’re nervous (or simply can’t afford) to invest $ in having someone else design your website and not getting exactly what you want


Launch your WordPress Website

Launch your WordPress Website is my fail-proof, step-by-step process that walks you through designing a website that converts leads to customers on autopilot – and it can all be done in just one month. 

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll be going over everything you need to know to build your own website. Each week, you’ll need to commit an your time to work your way through the course and build your website (or you can binge it all in a day or two if that’s more your style!). 

A taste of what you'll learn...

✿ How + where to purchase your domain name and hosting package, plus how to connect the two together.

✿ Where to find a perfect, beautiful WordPress theme to attract your dream clients.

✿ Where to find the best stock photos (free and paid) to accent your brand.

✿ What pages to include on your website to convert web visitors into paying clients.

✿ How to make sure your website is safe, secure, and backed up regularly.

And so much more!

Get all of this for the founder’s rate of $197 – plus you’ll get lifetime access to any and all updates at no additional cost. 

If you’re a 1:1 service provider wanting to get your website live so you can make a bigger impact with your services, you’ve come to the right place. You might be a…

✿ Copywriter

✿ Graphic Designer

✿ Social Media Manager

✿ Business or Life Coach

✿ Virtual Assistant

✿ Pinterest Manager

✿ Dubsado Specialist 

✿ Podcast Editor

What would your life be like if you could consistently get new clients without any extra effort?

Having a website is like a book cover for your services – and potential customers might be judging you if yours is non-existent. 

When you’re a business owner, your time is valuable – literally.  Any time not spent on client work means you aren’t earning income. With my step-by-step process, you’ll save time getting your website up and you could be done in just one month.

By completing the website on your own, you not only save money on a designer – but you have the skills needed to offer web design to your clients if you enjoy it! You also get full control over the look + feel of your website.

After this course, you’ll walk away with:

✿ A completed website for your service-based business that attracts your dream clients to you ($3,000+ value)

✿ Copywriting templates for every page on your website ($97 value)

✿ BONUS LESSONS that will walk you through email marketing, batching your social media content, DIYing a brand design + more ($597 value)

✿ Access to our student-only Facebook group

✿ Lifetime access to the course 

… for only $197!

Let’s make designing your website a BREEZE. Imagine...

✿ Being guided step-by-step through how to design your own website in a way that turns potential leads into clients who are begging to work with you.

✿ Earning MORE in your business without having to constantly be in salesman mode to sell your services. 

✿ Opening up more time in your day for your kids, or hobbies, or self care because you’re spending LESS TIME looking for clients.

Why should you trust me to help you with your website?

I’m not JUST a course creator.

Before starting my branding studio, I knew how to make websites… I had been designing websites for clients for years! In a true shoe maker’s wife scenario, I could never sit down and get my own brand website designed- I was my own worst client.

I knew that if I myself was struggling to create my own website, there must be other service providers in the same boat.

People that I could help with a simple step-by-step outline of how to create their own WordPress website. All you have to do is put the time in to follow this easy roadmap and complete each step along the way.

Let me introduce myself!

I’m Meredith, a brand designer + strategist who creates handcrafted brands that authentically attract your dream clients – and a stay at home mom.  Yup, I’ve been growing my business while raising my toddler + newborn and my goal is to help other moms do the same. 

I created Bloom & Brand, a full-service branding studio, to work with busy moms growing their online business while also raising their kiddos and help them grow their business with strategic branding and website design. 

As a mom myself, having a flexible business where I can earn money while staying at home with my kiddos is so important to me – and something I don’t take for granted.

I’ve made it my mission to help as many other moms as possible do the same thing – whether that’s with a full brand strategy OR showing them how to design their own website.

I created this course to give you my exact, step-by-step process for designing a high-converting website.

Launch your WordPress Website might be for you if…

✿ You’re ready to launch your service-based business, but you have no idea where to start with getting your business website live.

✿ Your business is working, but you’re relying on word of mouth referrals and you want to expand your client base

✿ You want to learn more about the web design process to potentially offer it as a service in the future, without needing extensive (or expensive) training.

✿ You want a website that will work for your business to attract your dream clients 


✿ You’re trying to get a shortcut to success and don’t want to put the work in

✿ You are not a DIY problem-solver and would prefer to outsource your web design

✿ You don’t believe having a website is important for your business growth

✿ You’d rather focus on social media than a website

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Of course, life happens and you may get delayed – I always encourage students to start the course when they have set time they can dedicate to the process, but it’s totally up to you. You can complete the course at your own pace – you can binge all the modules in a day, or schedule out time to complete it over whatever time period works for you.  

You will have lifetime access to the course so you never have to worry about losing access. However, the course is designed to be completed in four weeks so you can cross your website off your to-do list and let it start bringing in clients for you.  You may even find it takes you less time than that if you really power through!

If you’re a 1:1 service provider – yes! This course is designed specifically for freelancers and 1:1 service providers looking to launch their website, no matter what your niche or industry. Whether you’re a virtual assistant, graphic designer, or social media manager – it’s perfect for you. 

Wondering if it’s right for you?  Reach out to and we’ll let you know if we think it can be adapted for what you do.  

The real answer to this question will vary for everyone. If you struggle with writing copy, it may take you a bit longer to work through the copywriting module than any others – but you may soar right through the other modules! There are five modules with 30-60 minutes of lessons each, plus the time it takes you to complete the work. 

As a visual learner who learns best with written words – I totally understand that different people have different learning styles.  If you find the course doesn’t work for your learning style, please reach out to me at within 7 days of beginning the course and I’ll refund your purchase. 

Immediately! Once your purchase is complete, you’ll get an email with your login information for the course, which is hosted on the ThriveCart Learn platform. 

Don’t let designing your website be an overwhelming task you keep putting off.

It can be daunting to create an entire website if you’re starting from scratch.  But when you follow a proven method like Build Your WordPress Website, you get the step-by-step process to build a high-converting WordPress Website in less than a week. You can rest easy knowing that you have the roadmap to a kickass website that will work for you to bring in clients. 

Whether you’re a virtual assistant, copywriter, coach or any other service provider – you owe it to yourself (and your business!) to take the time to build your website the right way.  Having a high-converting website will do wonders to transform your business and allow you to help even more clients.